Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Carrie Prejean sex tape

This is really most amusing, the kerfluffle over the Carrie Prejean sex tape.

Important update. The Carrie Prejean sex tape is child pornography.

Essentially, Carrie Prejean got thrown off the Miss California pageant because her Christian beliefs led her to give a less than PC answer to a question about gay marriage. She then sued the organisers. The organisers then sued her for the cost of her boob job that they had paid for.

Everything is stalemate until a lawyer turns up a copy of the Carrie Prejean sex tape. Worth clicking through that link to find out what happens next: although in short she folded.

The thing is, the tape had been doing the rounds for months so why did she think she could get away with suing over her blemished reputation in this manner? did she think that it wouldn't come out?

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